Using unlicensed assistants and helpers?

I’m getting busy enough that I’d like my wife to help/assist during inspections by checking things like doors, windows, and outlets. But she’s not a licensed inspector. Thinking about showing her what to look for, then if she discovers anything, I would double-check, so it comes directly from me.
Anyone out there use un-licensed helpers/assistants with you on the job?
(If it makes a difference, I’m in Indiana.)

I use assistants with confidence doing similar tasks. My state has no requirements. It is my name on the report so I own it. Clear it with your insurance is my recommendation.


I have been mentoring for years. If one fits, hire…

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I would have your wife or whoever your helper would be to take the classes InterNachi offers on the items she would be inspecting. But if she finds a problem would she also have a camera for photo’s or will you have to go back and do this. If so it is pointless to have a helper, Just so you know the more people in a house the more likely you are to miss something. As a sticking door may be just a bad hinge, too much paint on the door over the years or can be a foundation problem. You do not want to miss this on a report, or report the wrong situation.

Good points everyone. I appreciate it

I’d be careful with the use of helpers, depending on which state you’re in. Some states don’t allow that, especially if they’re not being actively trained or bird-dogged.

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