Ut here i go BASHING other for no reason again, right? pffftt

B Dry and others were here b 4 homeowner called my azz, they ALL wanted to install an INT system here and ALL wanted more money, had they opted the ‘chosen ones’, they still be getting water in, have more mold and God only knows what shape/condition the BOWED IN wall would be now!!!

clicked b 4 i was done, oh well lol couple more…

all the shtty clay soil and underground roots etc is hauled away! sheesh And there was a concrete driveway here, saw cut 18" off in order to hand dig and do what was needed

so sorry but there are at least a coupe of HI’s here who, on this subject do NOT know wtf they are talking about, PERIOD! One day maybe they’ll get what they deserve, sued by homeowner. Professing to be something you are not is bullshit man.

am going to keep hitting it, yes i am, why? Because some are screwing over homeowners, for self gain, that’s why!

Bashing? Shtttt, my balls!

They deserve a hllll of alot MORE than some bashing on a msg board!!!

Why is there so much water around the perimeter of the house where you dug a trench?

ever hear of rain? lol

yeah some of these jobs it rained the day or night before we dug it up or possibly rained for 2-3 days straight, then we waited a day, then dug, yes sir. then there are a few who have their sprinkler systems ON everyday, uh huh