Utility vs Sump

I heard a term I’m not familiar with. What is a Utility Pump. I’ve got a former client that is having a problem with his sump pump. The warranty company said it’s not a sump pump but a “utility” pump and isn’t covered.

What’s the difference?

I believe a utility pump is portable and has a connection for a garden hose.

Like this:



I have a utilty pump like the one in the link below. I use in backyard with a garden house to drain my swale during heavy flooding rains.

I would describe as a portable pump. A sump is a used in basements and crawls for high ground water/Basement systems.


Mark if you can get brand and model, etc. See what manuf. says (what the pump is). Most utility pumps I have seen are portable too. See if Warranty Co. has the right info. Haven’t seen too many utility pumps used as sumps, not enough volume.

I did the inspection for the client at the end of June. He moves in and now the pump is running all the time, won’t shut off. He called the home warranty company, and they send out a plumber who: Charges the $60.00 deductible, tells them it’s not a sump pump but a utility pump, isn’t covered under the warranty, and can replace it for over $700.00.



I wonder what a sump pump is then? Most be something special for $700.00.

I recommended that he call the warranty company back and explain to them the situation, and ask them to send someone else out (and to waive the deductible for the second call.)

I don’t know what the plumber is thinking, other than he can maybe take these people for more money that the warranty company will pay him to replace the pump. Either that, or he doesn’t know his own trade.

Hey Mark, I don’t know who the plumber/crook was but he should be reported to the warranty company for fraudulant practices. THAT IS A SUMP PUMP.
Utility pumps normally have 3/4" hose outlet.
Your right, they need a pro to look at the situation not a crook.

Looks like a utility pump.I think this because there appears to be no float ,therefore no switch ,mechanisim. Also the PVC running to it appears to be about 1" then reduced to 3/4 to attach to the pump.You will find that utility pumps have a 3/4" outlet for ,as mentioned, a garden hose or less permanent means.There is also no check valve.
Don’t shoot the plumber yet.
A utility pump will run until it’s power source is cut off.

See the two power cords… The one “on the top” is connected to the diaphragm valve. When the diaphragm senses the water pressure, then it allows power to the other cord, which is for the pump.