Uxbridge Tommorrow

HI Guys, Anyone here going to the seminar tommorrow with Charters? I’m going, probably have to leave home around 5:00am to get there in time. I’ll be the guy standing around who doesn’t know anything. :slight_smile:

Ask if there course meets Oahi and Nachi CEU requirements as per educational points.

Also ask Brian Daley why his name remains on the PR committee list of Oahi. I was told he had resigned from the Pr committee. I have already this week proven the info on the Oahi site to be in error and it was changed by Oahi very quickly. Was Mr. Daley lying to ensure that this course was able to be posted on this site? Mr. Daley should ensure Oahi has accurate info on its public site less he find liability concerns with erroneous info and suspension of members rights on the CAFE.

Please remember Mr. Daley is an Associate, and I hope he has nothing to do with instructing because he is not fully qualified.

Public Relations

Mandate: To develop and implement goodwill with the public and outside organizations to further the objects of the Association.
Gerry Quackenbush , Chair
Wendy Cooke, Co-Chair
**Brian Daley **
Brad Durant
Enio Ferri
Glenn Gogal
Michael Greenberg
Robert Hermann
Edward Homonylo
Elio Mazzolin
Lori Summerfield
Dave Thornham

I’ll be there Randy. And don’t worry Roy we’ll mind our P’S and Q’s.

I expect it will be Great, Charters is a person who has given me much help and I think it is because of people like him that have made me the good Home Inspector that I am .
Good luck listen close he has a lot of knowledge .
Please post how it went later, thanks . Roy Cooke

If you get a chance give Gil some **Alphabet ** soup it might help him .

I’ll see ya tommorrow Gerry.

O.k I ca see why Christopher Steele wants to see more courses ad stuff in the Ottawa area. Its almost 4:00am I’ll lets yas know how it went later.

Well just got back from Charter’s course.
It was a very informative program, well put together and taught. We did a hands on inspection of this old house that was condemned and full of defects. We received a binder with course and inspection materials as well as a c.d. with pictures of all the defects we were supposed to find and a copy of Charters Inspection of the premises so we could compare it to ours and see what we had missed.
Both Charters and Brian were excellent instructors. As the only NACHI member there I was welcomed with open arms as was Randy who was the only indy there.
I would recommend this course to anyone who is starting out or those that need a quick refresher.
Great bang for the buck.

Congratulations glad for you and Charters I expect you will be a better inspector for it .
Sounds like it was well presented . Hope he has more and they are just as good .
Roy Cooke

He plans on having more courses and said I could pick his brains whenever I needed it. I plan on attending any other courses he runs. Thanks for recommending him.

Now if we can only get him over here.:wink:

Just got in a while ago. It’s only 10:45pm :neutral:
Definetly worth the $145. Great beginner type program.

Charters is really a no beat around the bush kinda guy. Great to learn from because he gives it to you straight. Not afraid to tell you when your absolutely wrong or way off base.

Brian is a very good instructor as well. Associate or not, very informative and proffesional. The type of guy that you would hire in a second.

The house we inspected was unbelievable. Being my first it was definetly overwhelming. Most certainly not your typical home.

I would definetly attend any other course that they would put together, not to soon though. I’ve got Toronto traffic lag. I can only handle that place once every few months. :slight_smile: