VA Certified?

Hi All,

We live in a military community, and a recent client asked if we were certified or approved by the VA. Anyone have input on that? Here in CO, Inspectors are not state certified.

Karen Mallinger
Peak View Inspections

They are wanting you to be A HUD fee compliance inspector. Some reason lenders like you to be on the HUD inspector roster. There is an application process. You got to read some books. Not very hard. That info is somewhere on the website.

VA is like USDA… must be performed by a professional Home Inspector (not Uncle Bob), the Inspector must follow an (Industry Standard) SOP, and a professional Report must be prepared utilizing (Industry Standard) Report Software (not on a napkin). Other than that, no special “certifications” are required.

Now, if you’re talking FHA (as James eluded to above)… that’s a whole other ball of wax!

I agree.
I am in Colorado and have done many inspections where the buyer was getting a VA loan. To me it’s no different than any other inspection.

Is this the same as a UPCS certified inspector?

InterNACHI membership suffices for all FHA, VA, and HUD inspections… other than 203K inspections.

Thanks Jeff!

Thanks Nick!