I can not even take a vacation without looking for something to inspect the wife says there is no hope for me I have a one track mind:roll:

For all the wimpy inspectors out there that think just because one operates an A/C unit in cold weather that the compressor is just going to disappear in a cloud of smoke. Those scroll compressors are one tough dude

Looks like you’re getting ready to take a leak in that middle photo.

I did

That is what I thought also Linas. ;):slight_smile:

And I am doing the same thing here on my vacation. :wink:

And man is it hot down here.
I had to get a hat. :slight_smile:


Looks like the lamp shade from your room!!

Marcel, were the grandkids having fun with you or is that of your own doing? :lol: It’s all good, you’re smiling…:smiley:

Vacations? What the hell are those?


It almost looks like Charley was reinspecting something he may have built in the past…:wink:

Fun stuff…and even funnier when we go on vacation and the inspector mind comes out when staying in hotels…ugh…some really ugly stuff out there sometimes.