Valley Flashing

Would you say anything about this piece of valley flashing?

You can tell when you do an inspection… you take one or two pictures of something in question and then ask what others would write about it…your the CMI… what did you put?

Something like that would be put into my report as a minor defect. It would not make it into the summary. Same thing with cracked vinyl siding, cracked window etc…

its poorly cut by the installer, but it will not effect the watertigness of the roof ect… I would not put this in my report…my 2 cents…

And I did not either.

In Kansas, it only has to last 12 months after the inspection is performed. When in doubt, always write it up.

Gary, that sounds like a warranty. How can an inspector tell someone how long something will last?

Not a fan of that hole in the corner…