Valley install

anyone see anything wrong with these valley’s, a lot of issues with the roof, valley’s look off to me? Brand new roof

And a few more



Just a question did you note anything about the siding? Valleys are woven/half lap they say they are “cheaper then metal valleys” I have not seen metal valleys wear out in a reasonable time frame, but woven/lap valleys less then half the predicted shingle life. JMO

Yes, there were are number of siding issues, about 10% was asbestos siding.

I like the lack of drip flashing as well. Required for a while now and most of these roofers still don’t install it.

I see more than 10%. :slight_smile:

Already been test marcel, it looks very similar but is not

So it had been replaced with this;


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Yep, that is correct

Why not take it all off and install vinyl when there was only 10% left of the asbestos siding.?
Don’t logically add up.

I say why take it off? Vinyl is a inferior product, keep the fiber cement. Remove the asbestos when it looks bad and finish to 10 percent. Is there a danger to having Asbestos siding? House is a $850k house. NO VINYL??? YUK

There are companies out in Hoquiam / Aberdeen that will take all the asbestos siding you have. It was prevalent out in that area. They carefully remove the siding piece by piece and sell it at a premium to make matching repairs. They could barely keep the stuff in stock.

Is that even legal? Why would anybody do that when there are non-asbestos replacement shingles available? I’ve done it and they are an exact fit.

That would be my question too Brad.

OK, the question was about the valley…

It’s a California cut valley, but when they installed the starters shingles up the valley, they installed them with the tabs facing toward the valley centerline instead of away from it.