Valuable information

This message board is great. I’m adding to my knowledge everytime I get on, keep sending sample pics of what you all find out there and how you would phrase it in your report. It’s helped me alot to make my report more professional. If there is something I can contribute to all I try to have input myself, but for now I’m just taking it all in Thanks to All:p :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to have you aboard. Need help or want to talk give me a call
( Not Tonight ) . Roy Cooke sr ,

Don’t be shy.

Glad to have you aboard, Brian!
See if there are local NACI meetings; if so, get active in your chapter.
If you don’t have one locally, let’s see about contacting some of your fellow members and creating one - I can help.

I’m located in York PA will do research on local members, I’d love to head up a chapter in my location. Just starting out so lots of things to do to get started. Thanks