Vampires at InterNachi

Or, it could just be that Ms. Kate Taresenko does not know the FLSB does not require her to work 24/7, or it could be that she is The Most Dedicated Member of InterNachi or it could be that she suffers from Inspection Addiction (a common affliction found in members of InterNachi), or, she could just be your standard household variety Vampire. I live in FLA and decided to show Ms. Kate how dedicated I was by sending her an email at 5 am today - she immediately responded. I think it was 3 am in CO. Only one way to know; I think I’ll send her an email five minutes after sunrise, CO time. I’ll let you know the result.

Regardless, thanks Ms. Kate for helping me get my day off to a good start! Hope you are sleeping.

Thanks Kate.

William, someone else at InterNACHI replied at 3:26 am too. :cool:

LOL!! Thanks, William!

I almost have Nick beat for fewest hours of sleep in 2011 so far…:wink:


Sorry, I left Nick’s 3:30 am response out. Nothing personal; is it legal to conceal carry a wooden stake in CO?

Unless I am wrong I think the stake should be ash ,Now this is soon going to be hard to do as it looks like all the Ash trees are doomed with a beetle that is going to destroy all these trees .

Nick leads by example. I have seen him and Chris working at 2 in the morning during the conventions.

It’s true; NACHI never sleeps!

I do not think it is proper to post after 2:00 am.

What time zone?

Good Title ==== You had me going there for a minute. I thought someone else has seen one.

Reminds me of this inspection a while back… muuuhuaahhhhhaaaaaa


If you will check this board {going back to when it started} you will see that there are posts ranging from 12-mid-night until 6:00 AM.
You will also see that there are replies in the same time range.

For example this one is at 4:46 AM. :wink:

People on this BB at 4:49 AM.

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Frank has the same problem I have… can’t sleep more than 3 hours at a time.

Nick you have me beat. 4 hrs max.:frowning: