Vanity Drain

In a new condo, the bathroom vanity drains slower than the water comes in and, therefore, if left runnning long enough, could overflow.

The drain stopper wotk on a “cable” as opposed to the “metal bar with holes” that I am used to. Is there any way to adjust the drain stopper so that it opens more and drains faster?



The basin overflow bypasses the stopper, so if the overflow cannot keep up with the faucet, the problem is not with the position of the stopper. The trap may have construction debris, or perhaps the water pressure is excessive.

Jim King

i agree with jim… perhaps something obstructing the drain… otherwise too much pressure/flow… not familiar with a stopper on a cable?

Is this what you are referring to?

This can be adjusted before the cable is fastened. If you are having problems with “stopper” not rising high enough to allow water to flow freely to drain remove the cable and make the adjustment. I believe counter clockwise lifts the stopper higher.

Here is a better shot.


This is a better picture.


Is this the Canadian version of a stopper? You wouldnt be yanking my chain are you? ha. ha.
Stoppers around here are on a chain or bar that is adjustable. :wink:

Marcel :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks !!!

That is exactly what I was refferring to.

You guys are great!



Not yanking your chain my friend!!.

Marcel this is much faster to install and some of the faucets on the market include this setup. I like it.

Any word from Frank about the commercial course?