Vapor Barriers

Doing inspections in Washington State for 19 years I have came across an " moisture encapsulation system in one house. There is a white plastic 8 mils or thicker used. It is stapled at the top of the shears wall and adhered to every foundation wall. Every pier block is seal under the plastic liner as well as every area and seam is taped. Can not see under the liner any where There is standing moisture trapped under the plastic. The plastic moves live a water bed. There is suppose to be a footing drainage system also installed. The home is single level approx. 7000 SF with one sump. The fact there is moisture trapped under the liners tells me the footing drains, if installed do not work. The foot print of the house is so odd there should be more that one pump as there is really no way for the moisture to travel that distance, as the slope would have to be excessive to run that distance

What is the consciences of vapor barrier on foundation walls ???

Does not a sealed off areas invited moisture migration, like saran wrap over a warm bowl.

Actually a full encapsulation includes running plastic up on foundation walls and sealed. Only issue I have found is when it’s ran up to the ail plates, it should stop before the wood begins but that is actually a very good way to prevent moisture damage to lumber, floor systems etc.

Now “water bed” is obviously an issue and a very real threat to the foundation, short and long term

Write what you observed with the standing water, good news it was on the “right side” of the barrier.

Truly encapsulated spaced should have conditioned air.