Variable speed direct vent blower motor

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I have heard and understand that there are two speed fans, and variable speed house fans that are intended to work less during the warmer days but do any of these actually control the speed of the direct vent fan?

I inspected a home with a YORK gas furnace and while I was upstairs raising the thermostat, the agent and client witnessed some “strange noises” from the direct vent fan (its a newer furnace). While we standing there the little fan really slowed down in RPMs and there was very little CFMs coming out the supply ducts.

I thought the direct vent blower should be a continuous speed regardless what the house fan is doing.


Is this a dumb question?

No not dumb just don’t understand your verbage what are you calling the house fan are we talking blower within the furnace. If we can talk the same language I can explain it. Gotta go behind in inspects catch you this evening

It’s a great question.:smiley:

Do you have the model number or the York?

I couldn’t find a York with variable speed draft inducer but the Trane XV 90 series does have a variable speed draft inducer.

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  • Variable Speed Blower & Draft Inducer Motor Uses Less Electricity
    *]Two-stage Gas Heat

Carrier and Bryant uses a variable speed vent motor.

Thanks, Been around for a while. See this

Kinda sounded like a commercial for a sec. :slight_smile: Smile