VAT narrative

I am looking for a standard boilerplate narrative concerning 9x9 “possible” VAT.
Thanks for your help, in advance.

Just in case (VAT= Vinyl Asbestos Tile)

Duh… Nevermind. I just found the thread I was looking for.
Thanks anyway.

Remember Andrew, just because it is a 9 x 9 piece of tile does not mean it has asbestos in it. Learned this when I was Operations Manager of a local school district and was responsible for asbestos management and took classes on this. Good luck. We should get together sometime when it slows down.

I would like that. I also want to pick your brain on the asbestos issue as well.

most 9x9 tile were asphalt tile with probably as much or more asbestos in the adhesive than the tile to my understanding…the first 12x12 tiles were vinyl asbestos tile which later turned to vct(vinyl composition tile ) with the government bans on asbestos in floor tile manufacture