Vegas Baby!

So, John and I are going to see Casey O’malley in Vegas for their conference. Have you seen their education and certifications they are offering? :shock: It will be hard to choose… … :stuck_out_tongue:

Who’s joining us?

Disclaimer - We are not nor will we pretend to be good Poker Players… we reserve the right to observe and not have all of our money taken away by all of the inspectors playing! Does sound like fun tho!

Might have to race a race car tho… I can see me doing that…

Sorry YOU MUST PLAY poker. It’s mandatory. You must also do the go kart racing. There’s nothing more fun that seeing a few hundred inspectors racing around a track completely ignoring the 18 year olds working there trying to tell the inspectors to slow down and stop slamming into each other. MUAHAHA!

LOL! So it is mandatory I donate money to the cause huh? Because… that is what it will be… donating… there will be no hope to win… LOL!

I am pretty sure I have a good handle on racing around a track and not slowing down… I like my zippy little car… and can practice before we come!

wait… are we going for the education or the poker and racing??? I am confused.

Watch out as Dom is a card shark.
I had never played Texas Hold em before last years and figured how much logic can be evolved in a lousy 3 card game then got tossed first round…
Will dig up a couple pics in a bit.

Dom? Something tells me I shouldn’t be as trusting as I am of you…:roll:


You could have saved money. They are going to be at the FABI conference in September. 8 CEU credits will be offered, plus 3 more if you take the wind mit class on Friday

Hey, I’ve made it to the final table the last 4 years but there’s no guarantee that will happen again!

I have a picture of Dom’s secret to winning and looking for it now.

You guys need to know Dom cheats as before every tournament unwinds with a professional massage and I think the masseuse whispers card tips in his ear.
Totally unfair.

I get to goto Vegas as a tax deduction…and the last place you will find me is in a class about wind mitigation. :slight_smile: especially since i have “connections” with the author of the interNACHI class. LOL

The Vegas Casey and O’Malley event has basically become an InterNACHI event. The past two years, Kevin got on the microphone and asked how many attendees are members of InterNACHI. About 80% raised their hand 2 years ago. About 85% last year. We’ll be there in full force again this year.

The optional post-event commercial inspection course is based heavily on and every attendee gets a hard copy.

If anyone needs a secret code to get $100 off the Casey and O’Malley Vegas event, email me at and I’ll send it to you. InterNACHI is always a Platinum sponsor and InterNACHI members get $100 off.

Also, Alysse and I will be in Vegas this Thursday night for the Inspector Marketing seminar:

Hey, it’s important to relax after being a speaker and working our software booth all day. It was that relaxing that helping me clean house and teach you how to play! :mrgreen:

It will certainly be my pleasure to finally meet you and John, Michelle, see you there…!

Everyone else don’t miss it, Mike and Keven put on a GREAT educational conference, very well organized, and inexpensive.

You meet many many people, last year I was fighting diabetes after just being diagnosed, but I have it under control now, makes all the difference in the world.

Dale, I am glad you got it under control. I am looking forward to see you and everyone else.

Every one is able to get the $100.00 discount. The code is no secret

wsiegel writes:

CEU’s are free in Florida and always have been free… and you never have to wait for or travel to a FABI conference to get your Florida CEU’s:

Vegas is a different story… Vegas is for fun!

EXACTLY! We are not going for CEU’s… we are going for the FUN! :stuck_out_tongue:

Being a member of InterNachi CEUs are easy to get while sitting in by my pool.

There is not much that can not be learned on-line. I go for the conversations with the other inspectors. I can learn more by listening to stories and ideas from other inspectors then sitting in a class.

All that being said, on-line learning is not for everyone and if you are not a member of InterNachi, you need to get your CEUs somewhere… Why not Vegas.