Vegas Conference Fall 2016?

I was looking to see if one’s scheduled for Fall 2016, and couldn’t find… assuming a no go this year, that’s a first in a long time… too bad if that’s the case.

Our national convention is in Texas this year:

Why don’t you ever have one in Chicago?

Middle of nowhere or what ?

Nope. Smack in the middle of Houston, Austin, and Dallas. Short drive from all three cities.

Hope all goes well there, can’t help but to think a tradition is lost :smiley:

There are no “short drives” in Texas. :wink:

Fear of getting shot?

Fine… Detroit? Minneapolis? Kokomo? :wink:

I was curious as, in one shape or form the Vegas conference has been around awhile. Seemed a couple years ago things changed, but has been going a long while, maybe went dark in 2008?? But was a staple otherwise.

InterNACHI is like the Olympics. Texas and TPREIA fought hard to have us hold the convention smack between their three major cities. And with the two associations teaming up, it’s going to be one big Texas-sized event.

Yeeeeee Haaaawwww! Yall cum on down because we fexin to have a boot kickin good time, partner.

Are their going to be more classes that what’s currently on the schedule?

Yeah, we’re still building it out and filling the schedule.

I have a few Texas approved classes on SEO, Google Ads, Social Media etc if you need more speakers.

Dom, Michelle is trying to call you. She wants you to jump in with me on my class which is 4 hours long.

Sounds good to me!

We’ll kill it!’sInspectionConferenceInspectionUniverseforSale:I’dliketomakeanoffer