Vegas Conference Presentation Schedule.

InterNACHI is in charge of the presentations this year:

My wife and I are trying to come.

Frank, if I bought your admission passes for you, could you and your wife come? Just say yes.

Hopefully my wife and I are going.

What happens in the “general sessions”.

I’ll see you there, and thanks for the update (and the fixed webpage).

I was thinking of going… Is this the best home inspector conference in the U.S.? I want to make sure before I book my travel. I’ll be coming from PA.

It is this year. We’re arranging the presentations ourselves this year.

Last year they were horrible. We hired AHIT to do them and they screwed over all the newer inspectors who attended.

OK, I was previous sure I had no interest in going. But now that I’ve seen the line up, I’m interested.

Thanks for the honesty about the conference last year. Sounds like you are making things right this year.

Could you explain?

Looking forward to the conference. The line up looks great.

deleted at the request of ahit.

Looks like some good information. Any chance you could move conference week earlier since my wife is in Vegas for a singing competition then? ;). Would like to attend!

Im planning to attend with my whole crew I think. 3 inspectors and 2 office girls (one is my wife). will there be a NACHI poker tourny this year? I missed the last one

Nick, I was a little disappointed with last years show and had to wonder if it was going to improve. Coming from the east coast means longer travel time and added expense so it is important that the show is well organized and offers good content. I also understand that the first year trying to organize the show on probably short notice did present some challenges. Thank you for posting the schedule. I expect things will be better. Better be careful offering those free tickets…you’ll be subsidizing the entire membership…even you can’t do that.

Nice lineup

Half the event is InterNACHI’s. Jamie and I are different animals. He’s about making the event a lot of fun. I’m about making the event profitable to attendees. We’re both right and so we need to succeed at both goals.

Frank Magdefrau writes:

Frank, you and your wife are coming as my guests. I’ll have two admission tickets at the door for you. If you have any issue when you get there, call my cell: (720) 272 8578.

Thank you sir. I am taking you to diner when you come to Oxford in August.

I’m happy Nick is more involved. Last year was a real let down from years past. With it being the first year not being run by COA I expected some changes but it was far worse than imagined. I needed classes for my State CEU requirements so I’m diligent about signing in. They were unorganized and had sign in sheet floating all over the place. They reported to the state I had attended classes but didn’t send the corresponding certificates. When I contacted them to send the certificates for the classes they I attended it they were not helpful at all. Knowing there is a change I will most likely attend again this year.