We are in Vegas staying at the Tropicana. Going downtown tonight and hanging at the bar in the hotel tonight. Let me know if you want to get together.

My direct cell 321-626-8153

I won’t get in until 11pm tonight, but I look forward to meeting you tomorrow John.

I’m arriving tomorrow afternoon. 3 appointments today starting at 10 am. I see Peter D is already in town :smiley:

See you tomorrow, maybe breakfast.

I’m boarding now, and bringing these (Jesse, Lisa, Chloe, Wendi, Alysse):

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Will show up at conf this afternoon!

Say hi when you get here

See you at the clean,modern Imperial Tim…lol


Someone had stole my name badge too. :smiley: Now, I’ve got one that looks like I made it myself.

The friendly folks at registration said “YOU are Tim Spargo?” when I walked up… Someone prob read the message board and swiped a badge or two… I wonder what the charges for theft in NV are?? Hmmm

Sucks for the proprietors of the Convention, for sure.

By the way Bob, the Imperial looks like it’s being removed or something.

I have visted with the two P’s Pope and Pappas nice see John S and wife even if they are from Fla and the short dud from Carmel In is like the enerizer rabbit bouncing around everywhere

You guys that stayed home have no clue what ya are missing;-)

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I looked for you while I was there Nathan. I didn’t find you at your booth…

It was great seeing all you guys!