Vegetation Roof Systems Educational by NRCA

Stay tuned for learning a bit more about the green roofs, sponsored by National Roofing Contractors Association.

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News | NRCA University will launch vegetative roof system online educational program

In November, NRCA University will launch Vegetative Roof Systems, an interactive online educational program.

Vegetative Roof Systems focuses on vegetative roof system types, components, accessories, design, installation, maintenance and safety concerns. The educational program takes about an hour to complete and is broken into lessons for each topic. Quizzes follow each lesson to test participants’ knowledge and reinforce information from the lesson. The program will benefit roofing contractors, architects, building owners, manufacturers, roof system designers and other roofing professionals interested in an introduction to vegetative roof systems.

Vegetative Roof Systems is the first module in NRCA University’s Roofing, Energy and the Environment Series, an online educational series aimed at helping roofing professionals and end users understand how roof systems can contribute to energy conservation and environmental protection. Other modules will include Cool Roofs, Photovoltaics and Roofing, Building Codes and Rating Systems for Roofing, Introduction to Energy-efficient Roof Systems, and EnergyWise Tutorial and Case Studies. Participants who complete the entire Roofing, Energy and the Environment Series and pass a final exam will receive a certificate.

For more information about Vegetative Roof Systems or NRCA University’s Roofing, Energy and the Environment Series, contact Jeanne Schehl, NRCA University’s director of education program development, at (800) 323-9545, ext. 7566 or


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