Vehicle Graphics

Does anyone one know of a vehicle graphics company? I have those magnetic signs on my truck but want something more that “sticks out”.

Just go to your local sign shops most of them can do it.

Check with local printers also.

We get requests for NACHI stickers all the time. Why don’t you go into business making them for NACHI members and I’ll help you sell them?

I am here for anyone who needs help too.

NICK!!! NO!!! pick me pick me.

Cheryl… I didn’t know you made vehicle stickers. NACHI has bought a bazillion banners from you over the years. Sorry. Anyway… do it. Put a sample and price up please. I’ll push it for you.

Hi Nick
Well I have thousands of fonts…I would like to do it so it isn’t so confusing, as if there are too many choices it makes it harder. If you have any ideas let me know…email me Nick?
I can give a daily door prize of vehicle graphics next week…but no digital stuff as that is not my thing. I can price as ONE color, TWO color. etc…and logos are an extra charge as sometimes people send funny files that cannot be used or are corrupted. So…go ahead and sign me up for a daily door prize next week Nick. THANKS!

We quit having graphics on our company vehicle (Suburban) since many luxury home clients prefer inspections to be less conspicuous. To each their own.

I have really gone the extra mile…and it has really helped!

I added the NACHI logo and the License Plate on the front, and tag border to the back.

Mags did nothing for credibility! Go with permanent.

I use a local sign company for everything. It gives me interacton with someone who sees a lot of business (helps me market my business through a good referral) - oh, and they letter the local sheriff’s fleet (never a bad contact to make!). Works out VERY well for me.

The upper end niche market is another consideration entirely, and if you are targeting that, graphics may not be desirable.