Vehicles with Thermal Imaging

Does anybody think high res. IR cameras will become cheap enough to come standard on all cars within the next 10 years? I can’t help but believe so.

One drawback I see to everybody having thermal imaging on their vehicles will be a huge loss of privacy. I honestly feel infrared is better than night vision in many respects. There will no longer be the option of ever going unnoticed in the night. No more pissing off the front porch at night time or you’ll have someone posting your infrared wiener on YouTube. I believe as these cameras continue to go down in price and up in resolution than we’re gonna have to see some restrictions.

Have any of you ever heard any mention of possible future restrictions on thermal imagers?






I thought it was interesting when I used my Tir the other night in thick fog. The only temperature it would measure apparently was the the water particulate in the air. In other words, the screen appeared blank. This might be a problem for vehicular use.

Night vision is cheap enough and no one has restricted that.
But great for deer hunting i see lololol

Here’s some info regarding IR in foggy conditions:

All that reading to find out we are screwed if the Zombie Apocalypse comes during heavy fog conditions. :frowning: :smiley:

It’s never too late to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse I’m ready!!!:wink:

Just thinking out loud here, but zombies might be “room-temperature” anyway.

Sneak up on you and eat half your brain before the camera was warmed up, they would. :frowning:

It was kinda humorous last Halloween someone hacked into the large electronic road sign that gives traffic conditions in Tulsa it read **Zombies ahead **:shock::shock:

Haha, an excellent point!