Vendor Phone #

Does anyone know how to go online and find out the phone # of a house by its address. I know about
but I’m wondering if there are other ways.

Are you willing to pay a few bucks to find out? Check out

Looks like only USA.

Hmm, good point. I haven’t looked up info for Canadians. I used to do research for attorneys and I’d use that site. You said you’re looking for a vendors #, what’s the vendor company and address, maybe we can help.

Thanks Dominic, but I meant the seller of the house. I like to call the seller to confirm the appointment before I show up. A couple of times I’ve shown up and the seller didn’t know I was coming (realtors fault) - not good.

Ahh, gotcha.

it’s call reverse lookup and you can use it free


Only works for certain numbers.

That’s what I’ve found. Works about 75% of the time.