Venezuelan migrant: “I feel fortunate the [Texas] governor put me on a bus to Washington. It opened up doors for me.”

It’s good to see that Greg Abbott efforts in doing the right thing has benefited some. Keep up the good work governor. I can’t believe some actually view moving migrants to sanctuary cities is a political thing :rofl::rofl:

They are being shipped to the communities that have advocated for their freedom. Well and then there’s also Martha’s Vineyard.


Goes to show, if you come here with good intentions, are willing to work to support yourself, and follow our laws, you wll get along just fine.

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Though I would like the border to be “under control”; bussing people out of border states should be part of a transparent immigration plan. This would include processing centers and services made available in receiving cities.

We can argue all day about who gets in and who doesn’t, if can we afford them and if we are protecting our interior from bad apples. In fact, this type of transparency will accelerate the need to attend to these policies.

I do not like “using migrants” for political reasons. But, in reality America (and the migrants) should be thanking these governors for forcing America to face its immigrant policy incompetence.

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