Venomous Pests: Inspectors Beware. Please proof this new inspection article.

Nick, did I ever tell you I hate snakes and bugs?:mrgreen:

Nice job again.

Man, I am glad to cold for those critters and bugs up here. ;):slight_smile:

Great article…

Thanks Nick!!!:smiley:

No Scorpions???

Bees is numero uno for me, then maybe scorpions, then neighbors dogs in the hood…

Man, all this talk of bugs, scorpians, spiders, snakes and such. The freaking cat brushed up against my leg with his whiskers and I almost did a back flip outta the chair. Skiddish as an old milk cow now.


You sure about that???


This is already in our Safety Course… free and on-line!

Nice but I think you should also include some of the comments posted on the other thread…

I always liked “Red & Black, friend of Jack”…I guess some might ask who Jack is…or was. :slight_smile:

You may want to addfierce female… I see quite a few of them.
They are often mistaken for ants however they are far from that… OUCH.

Oh, I thought it said “Venomous Posts”… :p:D

Carry on.