Vent at skylight area?

Any ideas what this hole/vent is for??? Any helpful insight is always appreciated. Thanks!


Gee, thanks Bruce! LOL. Shouldn’t you be getting ready for church or something? :slight_smile:

Note: There was also one installed in the garage ceiling above garage-to-house door. They were same size/identical.

Anyone??? Besides the squirrel fanatics. I told these people I have connections around the globe and that someone will shed some light.

Its hard to say from here but possibly someone was going to or had put and then removed a light fixture up there?

I’m thinking some kind of venting…

Did you look into them?

Are the holes just throught the drywall and into the attic or is there ducting connected?

Couldn’t access area in attic. It definitely was some type of vent. Like I mentioned before, there was also one in the garage.

I’ve never seen this before but I would try to get to the attic side.

Was that hole above the roof line or at the location of the roof cavity?

I am also wondering if that is a home or a Building common area

In South FL many bathrooms were built with a skylight to help prevent mold growth and more often than not there was a “chimney” type extension in the ceiling going up to the roofline similar to what your picture shows so that the vent would be above the roofline, you should be able to see it at the skylight framing. Many builders installed a similar type vent to allow the steam from bath/shower to escape. Without such a vent you would have an accumulation of warm moist air, think stack effect, that would start to accumulate in the upper areas of the drywall. In homes without such a vent you can usually observe where the popcorn finish has seperated from the drywall or at the very least signs of moisture intrusion in the drywall. Discolored paint etc. I have no idea why there would be such a vent in the garage.

Hope this helps

blown in insulation?

Did this breach the firewall between the garage/house???