Vent from garage to laundry room

I found two vents going from the attached garage to the laundry room(air conditioned space). It appeared that someone cut 10 or 12 inch square holes and screwed a few vent covers on them. The holes were next to the walk thru door and one was near the ceiling and the other near the floor lined up in the same vertical plane. I recall something about not having a vent from the garage to living space.

Of course the Realtor thought it was required because the water heater is gas operated and needed a vent. He did mention that the laundry hook ups were available for a gas dryer.

Is this a problem?


Ps I wasnt there for a inspection at the time.

Garage has exhaust fumes and air is being pulled in to the living space?
Yes that is a very big problem.

Air conditioned means returns.

Without further information or photos, I would agree with Bob. This would be even a bigger problem if the building is opertaing in negitive pressure.

What do you mean by negative pressure?

Thanks for the replies.

There would also be an issue with the break in the firewall.

What do you mean by negative pressure?

There needs to be make up air for the gas water heater at the interior heated space. This is done with a grill in the ceiling and a lower air chase with the grill about 12" off the floor. What is there is a breech of the firewall and is not considered make up air.

take a straw
suck = negative pressure
blow = positive pressure

unassisted, direct draft combustion appliances suck their combustion and draft air, thus negative pressure has to be pulled into the unit for proper function
ask yourself where does this air come from and what replenishes it for proper continued operation?
it can not convey directly from the garage air to the living space

living space and garage fire separation change in the irc

Here is another web page that is not so technical as Joe’s

Great info

The Gas fired water heater is actually in the garage. Now I didnt look for any dedicated vents inside the garage, should there be?

There needs to be a make up air from the outside for the gas equipment in the garage. Vents into the residence is WRONG and need to go. If there is gas equipment in laundry room with a door it also needs to have combustion and make up air vents (withing 12" of floor/ceiling) to an exterior room with acess to the exterior or vented to the exterior directly