Vent has water in it

I need some help. Trying to figure out how this happens. Plumbing vent on roof has standing water in it. Could there be a clog in the vent, and rain water filled the vent? I did not have any access from the attic. This vent is over the laundry (washing machine, no sink). Home has been empty for a little while, ( estate) Any ideas.

How far down would you guess the water to be? Did the fixtures in the home seem to operate/drain okay. Is this the only vent stack on the home?

My first thought is an offset vent, through the attic, with a slight downslope between the verticles, holding the water.

A plugged stack (on purpose) is also very possible (especially if a foreclosure).

This is not the only vent stack. This one appears to vent the drains from the laundry room next to the garage. The water was about 2-3 feet down the vent. When I moved the vent to see if it was secure I heard the water sloshing around in the vent. This is not a foreclosure, owner died and family is selling. We’ve had a lot of rain here lately (Irene, storms etc…). Could this account for this if the vent is clogged?

The drain or trap is “clogged”.

The houseboat is sinking.

Example… (sorry for the large pic… not mine)…

There may be a ‘trapped’ condition at the vent piping in the attic that has allowed the water to build up. Very likely improper or no vent pipe support installed to allow a proper slope to drain. Combine that scenario with foreign materials in the pipe…

Jeffery why would the block the vent on a foreclosure?

Anger, frustration, retaliation, etc…