Vent / kitchen waste

Is there a minimum distance required between these two, I believe te max to be 6’?

Picture 073 (Small).jpg

I can’t remember of ever hearing of a minimum distance but the disposer is wet vented, as many are it seems.
I don’t think there’s really much of a problem there since the disposer is on the bottom and it’s vent gets the benefit of being flushed from the other trap.

That would be a “waste stack” or a “combination waste and vent system.” While I can’t find anything prohibiting that particular installation, typically these systems are only considered for use in multi-floor dwellings, and all same-floor fixtures should enter the drain/vent at the same level.

At best, it shows the work of someone other than a “qualified plumber.”

Jeff, I agree with you as all I could find was with multi-floor also. The home is newer and on a septic… I think the owner was pretty “handy”. Thanks for your input. Shawn