Vent Pipe?

Do any of you have a clue as to what this would be for, the flexable pipe. This is the main water shutoff coming in.

I’m guessing there used to be a water softener/conditioner at that location. The flexible line was for the drain connection.


Are your meters at the street out there in Ohio?

Why aren’t there individual shut-offs at the branches?

Not normally. They are in the house. This is a slab home, could not locate water meter.

That’s what I thought. This may not be the Main Water Shut Off.

You are right David. There would have to be a meter after the shutoff, Duh.

In Massachusetts, we have the shut-off (to the water main) before and after the meter. Some homes only have one verses the other. I always manage to locate the water shut-off in order to show my client. If the shut-off is not located (which is rare), I red flag this in the report.

Same here David Okla Sop state we must identify location of main shut off and report the same water and gas.

The meter is probably in meter pit in front of house. The valve is probably the required shut off inside the house (they call it the main). The real main (depending how you look at it) is in the meter pit. As far as the plastic hose, it could be abandoned condensate drain.

My guess is a water softener drain