Vent too close to eves?

There were 3 of these vents at the front and 3 at the rear of the roof. There was little to no soffit vent but adequate ridge venting. The venting seemed be to be fine, I have never ran across vents installed so close to the eves.
Thanks for the input.


I like that. If one is going to use low vents like those, I’ve always thought they should be installed as close to the eaves as possible.

Seems to me this arrangement would help to prevent ice damming.

Spencer must have inspected Jae’s house he has up for sale :mrgreen:

Yes sir but 5 would have looked much nicer don’t you think?

Roofer should have used “Smart Vent” or behind the gutter intake vents. I think those used look like hell myself. Part of a roofers job is appearance. Here we go again with good & bad contractors.