Vented & dishwasher discharge

Sink drain gurgled when tested. What do you suppose the cap is for & do you think it is vented properly?

House on Saturday had the diswasher discharge into the basement shower.

I always like to take a shower & then spray myself with the dishwasher residue. Nice!!


90407 032 (Small).jpg

90307 041 (Small).jpg

90307 043 (Small).jpg

first pic may be misleading, but it appears the horizontal run after the trap is negatively pitched.

if so, that’s likely where the gurgling comes from.

i would think the cap would make for an easier snaking.

to comment on venting, i would have to no where this drain leads to.

May I use these photo’s in a Power Point presentation?

I love the dishwasher drain to the poorly installed basement showerstall. :wink:

It may be a long time before it gets made though. I have a lot on my plate right now.

Please feel free to use the pictures.

First pic is a cleanout. Gurgling is usually a venting problem. The dishwasher hookup would be wrong because the compression fittings are not readily accesable. Were they are would not be considered accesable.