Vented Ridge Caps

I have never seen ridge cap vents like this. They are little plastic doohickeys that the ridge cap sets on. Any issues with these?

Looks like a lot of extra work to install.

Actually they are supposed to save time since the vent and shingle are one unit.

Those are pretty “cool” .

Are they supposed to be installed by starting in the middle and then going in both directions? First time I have seen ridge cap installed that way.

I like this style better than the “roll out” type that is susceptible to being nailed too tight. The plastic prevents the ridge vent from being collapsed or crushed by improper nailing. The extended plastic “baffles” help direct rain and snow away from the opening (in theory). Last 2 roof jobs I had done I made the roofer use this type of vent…had to listen to the standard bitchen about added cost of time to install. I also made the roofer take pictures of the vent slot to confirm it was cut open properly.

Did a icensed California General Contractor as well as an ICC Building Inspector really just say “hey are little plastic doohickeys that the ridge cap sets on.”

Huh, who would of thunk.