Ventilation problems

From this week.



Is that from ventilation problems or is it smoke/heat damage to wood that was salvaged from a fire?

It’s an interesting framing method too. Quite rare, at least around here, to see the ceiling joists running perpendicular to the rafters.

I would bet it’s a fairly old home (40 years or more) with a homeowner who thought “if it’s good to insulate here, it should be good to insulate all of it” It may not be too late to rectify, if the shingles are not cooked to near a ceramic state :slight_smile:

On a “stick-built” hip roof the ceiling joists are often perpendicular to the short hip plane of the roof.

Very true…the pic just didn’t appear that to me.

As noted above, there are occurrences that have rafters perpendicular to ceiling joist as was noted on the above post.

I have seen this situation before where blocked soffit vents especially in a hip roof construction, where heat build up and moisture accumulation during the winter months will create this look of dried rot or burnt or charred wood decking on the roof.

Would highly recommend that the ventilation system be enacted as soon as possible.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: