Venting at deck

Hi all,

You ever have one of those days where you bump into things that you have never seen? :neutral:
This deck was notched out for this vent. Is this acceptable?

100_4417 (Small).JPG

100_4414 (Small).JPG

What type of a vent is it?

It is not affecting the structural integrity of the deck…

What about it don’t you like specifically?

I don’t see a problem notching the ledger board like that but I can’t tell what the first picture is…

I would recommend lag bolts to the right side of the vent at the ledger



The first pic is the top of the 2nd pic(view from top).

I, then, see no problem…unless it’s a big enough hole to break an ankle or such.

…and Carla may have a good point with the lag bolt. I was thinking there was one partially behind the 1st joist toward the top of it.

What problem do you see with it?

If I had to make a jugement on the lag bolts, they would be directly behind the joist to the right of the vent.

I would be more concerned with the water intrusion from above via the gooves in the siding and water behind the ledger.
Also, where is the water going when it hit the window trim without the flashing?
Just curious if the rest of the house is trimmed with no flashing.

JMO Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Good point Marcel. Windows on the other side of the house have flashing. I do think this needs ledger flashing, but that would be a tough job on T 111 siding. ?

100_4412 (Small).JPG

100_4407 (Small).JPG

100_4421 (Small).JPG

100_4422 (Small).JPG

Hi. Gregg;

I have looked at your additional pictures and helps to make some sort of assessment to potential problems or unseen problems as to the way it was constructed.

My previous post, I think, holds true to the fact the windows were not properly flashed to prevent water intrusion. I see no evidence of the 1"x4" trim having a cap drain cap to make the transition from the T-111 to the what appears to be a Masonite siding clapboard 8".

Since I have never been a great advocate of the T-111 to begin with, I would have to say that provisions to prevent moisture intrusion in the Building Envelope is questionable in the installation of this type of siding and trim. I would reccommend that a Prominent Building Contractor assess the condition and provide the necessary corrections as necessary, if any.

The underside of the deck seems to depict a caulked joint or something a couple of inches away from the ledger. What is it?

You seem to be on the right track in asking all these questions and keep them coming. You are doing a good job by requesting all these clarifications to potential problems and will help you greatly by using the information of all the NACHI Members on this board. There are a lot of us out here that are willing to help.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: