Verified logo button showing warning that I'm not certified

Hi all- I’m just noticing that my verified CPI logo is displaying a warning that I may not be certified. Not sure how I get someone to look at that but holy moly.

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Where are you seeing this?

It’s the ‘my certification seal’ - the ‘click to verify’ logo for people to check out your credentials. It’s red and warns that I may not be certified. I discovered the ‘fast reply’ email and sent them a quick message. Hopefully just a coding snafu.

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Oh, and I took it off of my website

No offense, but the obvious first…
Did you pay your ‘dues’ and did it ‘clear the bank’?

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I had a similar issue, heard back from Lisa the next day. No complaints here on their responsiveness and eagerness to solve the issue.

Yes to both

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Good to hear- I’m sure I’ll hear back post haste

Welcome to our forum, Derek!..Enjoy! :smile:

…and good luck with your issue. Try:

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Thank you Larry- that’s exactly what I did.

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This warning also appears on my website. We paid (and cleared) our dues on Wednesday, January 22, 2021. This is NOT cool! Please remedy this problem.

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Welcome back to our forum, Karl!..Enjoy! :smile:

And, good luck with the change.

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Tim from InterNACHI replied and it seems to be working. Perhaps a temporary glitch. Karl, I sent an email to the address that Larry posted- Check your button too- might be working now.

It happened to me as well. I was told by Kaela (InterNACHI) that is was an IT “Blip” late yesterday afternoon and was promptly fixed. Last I checked mine was back as normal. It seem to happen the same time the online agreement system was giving an error as well. I started freaking out, I had an inspection scheduled and the client hadn’t signed the agreement, I didn’t want to call them thinking they might receive the same error! That certainly does look good it someone is browsing your site and sees a huge WARNING: This Inspector may not be certified…

Hopefully no one happened to be browsing our sites at the wrong time :flushed:. I hate to rely on ‘hopefully’ but what can you do. Glad I caught it- been developing that for a few weeks so I’m editing a lot.

We deleted the link on our website and will probably leave it that way. Thanks.

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I have a question …

When presenting its list of all of its “certified” inspectors in its database to the public who are looking for someone to hire, NACHI provides this warning: “Visitors to this site understand that InterNACHI does not guarantee or warrant the services of its members, and visitors agree that InterNACHI is not liable for the alleged acts or omissions of its members, nor may InterNACHI be held liable for damages allegedly sustained as a result of the acts or omissions of its members, regardless of the legal theories employed.”

Thus … if NACHI disclaims all of its “certified” inspectors, exactly what is NACHI warning the public about an inspector that they presume to be NOT “certified”?

Nobody reads that stuff anyway, Jim. :thinking: LOL!