Verify If HOA Maintained

Hello. When you do inspection on a condo/townhouse, do you call to HOA to verify if the areas like roof and exteriors are maintained by HOA before you write it on report?

Should be a part of the MLS.

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I don’t touch HOA. I communicate with my client what they want. Here is my condo statement.

The subject property is an upper level condo of a multi-unit building. This inspection is limited to building components directly associated with this unit on the upper level and excludes connected adjacent units. Components outside the unit’s interior are excluded. Common areas such as parking, sidewalks, corridors, work-out rooms or shared appurtenances are excluded.

From there if they want to add more you can.

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Anymore, the only thing most HOA’s are good for is President Karen telling you that you have to repaint your kids playhouse because purple is not allowed.

Here is a case that happened in the area that I inspect. A home inspector (not me) said that the roof is covered by the HOA and did not look at it. He did not know that it is only covered if it needs replaced due to age. The wind/hail damage that he didn’t note should have been taken care of by the seller. It went against his E&O.

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