Verizon iPad

It will be competing against the Galaxy Tab which unlike the i pad supports flash.
Neither one actually works as a phone which is why I just purchased my EVO 4G.
I see no reason to actually purchase these other than as status symbols.

I have a family member that loves hers, And it is interesting to use, but overall NOT worth the hype. It is limited to ONE function at a time. No listening to music while scanning through pictures. Lack of Flash support is HUGE, this means no Youtube, or Netflix.

I heard they had a work around for Youtube but even still why would it be better than a regular note/net book.
With 4G I can turn my phone into a mobile hotspot and power any devise which is much preferable.
They are popular because you can be seen using one.(the cool factor)

It will have 4.0 on it by the end of the year and you will be able to listen to music AS you scan through pictures…although I am not sure why you would do that. Remember this would be used as a data-collection tool (replace clipboards, note taking). This is NOT a PC or laptop replacement. The Flash support does not stop YouTube or NetFlix…there are workarounds.

Who would listen to music and look at pictures?..why those damn Hippies of course…drumroll…crash!