vertical crack in poured wall, ummm leaks

Seller had concrete poured on the outside (how much money did they spend on that? loool) and tarred along the edge of the house/concrete and patched and painted the basement wall on the inside.

inside basement…

outside same area

And hmmmm, whoever poured the ‘rock’ put re-rod in it, ok fine if some like but this shtt still cracked, now what? loool

Had Everdry or Foundation dorks of Mich or B Dry etc etc been here and given the HO an estimate, they would have tried hard to bs another HO into an interior basement system and sump that is NOT needed.

Some want to, think they are… saving a few hundred $$ by hiring someone to inject a poured wall crack, fine, your house, good luck BUTT, about 50% of all previously injected poured wall cracks I have seen throughout 35+ yrs have… re-leaked.

Injections basically have NO labor involved and very little materials are used/needed and will cost, depending on who one calls, $350—$750, takes around 1 hour… VERSUS what we are about to do, exterior waterproofing, this job cost is $1,200… had to saw cut concrete and knock it out, hand dig 6 1/2’ deep… haul all the clay/soil away (that alone is $350), peastone backfill $$ etc. And all the soil and gravel has to be moved by someone, unlike the dork doing the easy injection, weak man. Example, i previously posted many interior system co’s complaints, one being a company who pretty much only does INJECTIONS, and of course they claimed all kinds of moronic things… they had 23 homeowner complaints just within a 3 year period for kristmas sake. “Our injections never leak, bonds the wall together” and all kinds of other bogus, misrepresentative claims… Duh Crack Team.

Or like Everdry tried doing to this homeowner in Sterling Heights, just like in the videos I just posted (1 crack, 1 leaky area), they tried bs’ing him out of $15,000 or $27,000 loool. ONE dang crack, one leaky area, NOTHING ELSE wrong, frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrauds!!!

Hey homeowners, if you have $5,000–$20,000 extra dollars laying around wiff nuttin TA do, shtt, pass some my way would ya please! looolllll Why give it all to Everdry and Foundation Systems of Mich and B dry etc

Mister Bubba’s Neighborhood

Same house as in first post, poured wall crack, leaky basement
Injections do NOT seal/repair any OTHER exterior openings below or above grade level which is where water/rain also enters, morons.

Clay gets hauled away, gravel backfill