Vertical Cracks

2-story quadplex condo with garage below
this was the west wall of the garage/basement
there were also a few other vertical or diagonal cracks on the south wall.
those were merely hairline.

this is located within a short drive of mining activity.

building is nearly 40 years old.

anyone else seen similar?

condo association is already calling a foundation specialist to fix the leaking cracks.

All 4 owners split the bill on common areas 25/25/25/25

foundation contractor or SE?


I would recommend SE. Need to determine the cause of the problem BEFORE repairs to the wall.

What is the wall material? And how much crack is there? Did it appear the cracks were the result of tensile or diagonal stresses? Maybe it’s just me, but it’s hard to tell any of that from the pics. I’d like to get a closer view of it.

Same here, Jimmy. Chris do you have any close up shots?