vertical drain tile window well = G Haege midnight special

Homeowner has a finished bathroom, cannot see the F walls, would have cost $$ to tear out **** to see the F walls to… deduce the actual problem aka openings soooooooooo, ran water test with a hose from ground level down, she began to get water in on floor where bottom of the F wall meets the floor, got that? We waterproofed that area. Bubba did explain & give the homeowner another estimate to… waterproof more footage, about 5’ on the front (of bathroom) and a few more feet on the side where we waterproofed, she choose the lesser amount, ok, no problem. Explained to her she MIGHT have a crack in F wall, might have 1+ open rod holes, might have both, might have other openings under window etc. Again, cannot see the F wall inside, finished bathroom.
We start digging and find this…

Again, vertical drain tile and gravel that was inside window well…
She comes outside around this point n says she found some guy who does window wells to help her with her leaky basement, he said to do this lol. It’s a waste of money! Sure it is. He didn’t identify the actual problem(s) and didn’t fix/seal them… hellllllo!

Here are most of the problems, rod hole and several openings around, under basement window… this is why the basement leaked. He also recommended she bring in 3 yards of top soil, she did not do that, thankfully.

If you look at the THIN cheap damproofing, some of the thin tar that is still on wall, it comes right off when we brush the F wall, reallllllllllllllllllllllllll good stuff, waste of $