Very ecoonomical reporting software.

Does this work for the Texas report?

I sure hope not. I spend a lot of my time begging software companies to boycott Texas until there is enough pressure on TREC to remove the mandated reporting form. The mandated reporting form in Texas commoditizes the inspection industry in Texas and so depresses our pricing as inspectors. When inspectors can’t distinguish their product (by law), they instead compete on price. Low pricing and outlawing innovation harms consumers. Write your legislator.

Porter Valley Software, which makes gorgeous inspection software, correctly refuses to sell in Texas due to mandated reporting forms. Bad for PVS, bad for Texas inspectors, bad for consumers.

For all the good that has come out of Texas we should give it back to Mexico.:twisted: :roll:

oh, we are going to do texas bashing today?

No, no, no…we all know utopia is in Texas. :smiley:

I really think I have a chance at getting rid of this mandated reporting form in Texas. Mandated reporting forms stifle innovation which hurts consumers (not to mention inspectors).

I’m working on it from a couple angles.

Nick is correct when talking about the TREC issue in Texas. As far as a business decision for our software company, it is the same issue as why we do not create software specifically for an Apple computer. It comes down to percentages of users that could use our software vs. the dollars to create the product. On the political side, because the state has a standardized form, the only difference between inspectors is the fee that they charge. This creates an atmosphere where the average inspector can not make a living because they are not given the opportunity to rise above the competition with a better solution for the consumer. This is currently being debated in the UK, where the government wants to have a standardized form that is used across the country. NACHI is rightly standing up against this.

My sister just had her new home inspected in San Antonio.

Looked at the report and if that’s indicative of the required report format, no wonder no one can make any money.

The inspector seemed to know his stuff but it seems a shame he had to issue such a cheesy looking document. I’d never make any money here in the Chicago area if I had to issue reports like that!

We hired a lobbyist for Texas today to wipe out the mandatory reporting form requirment and to get the inspection industry out from under the Real Estate Commission.

I’ll start a new thread when he gets going.

Great news Nick. It’s about time an association stepped up to the plate. NACHI should (will) own Texas if this works.

As a Texas inspector I have to say I disagree with the comment that you can not distinguish yourself with your report and the implecation that Texas inspectors do a substandard job because of the mandated report format.

Yes, you have to stay within the mandated format and you must cover the minimum TREC SoP. Yes, the report format requires some checkmarks and has much room for improvement (and is currently being improved and revised to hopefully be in use next year) Aside from that you can report as you wish. There is no rule saying you HAVE to only have the checkmarks. I include narrative descriptions and comments. I include pictures. Many Texas inspectors do.

As far as NACHI lobbying efforts. Good luck I guess. But based on the history of follow through I have seen inthe past three years here, I will believe it when I see something concrete.

NC is underway at a standardized report format as well. It is being pushed by real estate agents. Their claim is that on a certain home, they had three different inspectors and received three different reports. Their reasoning is that if they had a standard report, then all three inspectors would have reported the same. How lame is that. The NCHILB (NC board) appointed a commitee to develop the report and have it ready by 07. I have been to the commitee meeting and it is not structured nor is it making any progress. I fear that they may stall, wait until the last second, and throw something out which will not give anyone time to react.

There is one rumor that the commitee plans to stall and only alter the summary and leave the body of the report for the inspector (which is better than nothing I suppose)

HomeGauge does support the TREC requirements and we have many happy inspectors in Texas. I think its ridiculous that Texas Real Estate Commission owns the home inspectors report (talk about a conflict of interest), but NC real estate agents plainly told someone related to the NC Board (during a golf game no doubt), that if you dont come up with a standardized report, we will (meaning the agents). The unofficial response was that the agents have millions of dollars and lobbyists and the Home Inspectors are small and inconsequential.

Standard reports are no big deal

If you look at all the SW that is out there 90% is eye candy

I also agree that all good inspectors should generate the same report

Lets say everyone used homgage SW

Not a bad gov contract for one company and one format (lets say Florida)


Additional thought

If I was like RR or any other multi inspection firm with all my inspectors trained at the same school and using the same SW they better find the same issues and hit the same mouse buttons on the computer. I could not have one inspector saying - “no problem” and another coming up with a list 1 ft long

Good is Good – Bad is Bad


I agree in reference to big items. Hopefully all would find them. But just like estimates from 3 different subs on a repair or remodel, I can see how three inspectors could easily have different spins on the same issue as well as differing minor issues.

As far as NC being my state and how I feel about it from an inspectors point of view, I dont mind if all the inspectors had the same list of items to inspect and in the same order would be fine. I do have a problem however with a handful of members of the board deciding what my report should look like.

BestInspectors.Net’s Legacy 5 Report has everything that the bestvaluereports report has and a whole lot more for only $39 (NACHI member price). There is also a 100% TREC compliant Texas version.

I agree that what Texas has done is bad for everyone. I have hundreds of customers in Texas and I’ve never had even one of them tell me that they like the TREC form. No doubt, there are some big egos working to ensure that the TREC form remains a requirement.

I have considered pulling out of Texas several times. TREC is a very difficult agency to work with. We basically do not market to Texas but the requirements are too easy to meet and the market too large to abandon it completely.

I was ready to purchase PVS yesterday until I was informed they don’t comply with TREC. I understand the philosophy, but MAN, what a bundle of money they are giving away to the other software companies…Business must be very good for PVS…

Although, PI Reports ( doesn’t have a Texas report, it is a reporting system that’s far above any for the price. Comments blocks are not reduced to font sizes that make it difficult to read without a magnifying glass and it also includes a comprehensive inspection checklist that directly correlates with the comments install in the report software. Summary sheets are automatically filled out, need I go on. check it out for yourself at

I agree nix the Texas report system.