very leaky wet crawlspace, no interior system needed

homeowners calls, help please he said… have a lot of water in crawl, lived here 3 years and never had anything other than minor leaks (due to the open rod holes you may see in foundation walls)… okay so best I could do was get to his place at 4:30 am, “the best part of waking up is water in your crawl”… right? He says no problem.
Mark Anderson - Mark Anderson posted a video to his timeline.
See the water? Walking in, slushing around in crawls like these bent over early in the morning with crap n who knows what mixed in the water and spiders n shtt hanging from the wood is not a great way to begin your day… eh?

All he needed was an honest, experienced plumber… cost? I thought it was $125, turns out John the plumber charged $75… this homeowners neighbor had same type problem about a week or so ago am told, they called Foundation knotheads of Mich who installed a partial interior system and sump pump, cost $5,000.

Tell ya, it’s a damn good feeling i get when it turns out a homeowner only needs to spend a small amount of cash that actually fixes their problem, doesn’t happen too often but does occur and the homeowner sure feels great because they thought it was going to cost something similar to what the neighbor paid to scum ball company.

Now please Mr homeowner, don’t forget my/our name–number, please recommend us when you can because we don’t ‘chisel’ homeowners out of cash hence we don’t have any money for advertising to compete with these lying frauds in this business, yes sir. Mom used to say, “Actions speak LOUDER than words”, got that? Got milk?

Thanks Mark/ John good post … Roy

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South east Michigan’s best basement/crawlspace water leak/intrusion specialist and honest, too, from personal experience with family. :slight_smile:

thanks Mr Roy and Larry, hope all is well.

How about a little mold and some water in basement, Harper Woods
The porch cap will need to be popped out, much smaller porch put back, that’s what they wanna do. Exterior cracks in block walls.
If one were to install an interior system and not STOP the water that is entering through the walls then… ummm, the MOLD will only get worse. Of course, the inside system terds would likely COVER aka hide the walls, hide the mold with bright wall paneling etc