Very short video: Tale of Two Home Inspectors.

Go here and watch the video:

Nice, but kinda makes me feel left out.

And here I thought you were going to talk about this tale of two Home Inspectors.

That video was great.
I can not belive how the NOW books have been received when I give them to my clients after an inspection, people love them. The realtors just think they are the coolest thing when I give them to my/their clients. I give them to new realtors I just met also (theirs has the “office copy don’t discard” on them), they just look at me like a little kid who just got a puppy and I have had a few say really. Its great.

I even leave one for the homeowner after the inspection.

I do that after they book an inspection. Which is quite often as I leave cards and rack cards and thank you for allowing me cards. :wink:

Oh yeah, the rack card. Next time.