Veteran home inspector sentenced to life

Wow. So much animosity towards an insightful and helpful post, JUST because the title is a little misleading.
(But once you read the rest, it’s not so misleading)

Is it really that upsetting?

I would understand the negativity if he was selling these books, but Nick is offering these books for free to any member that desires to benefit from his experience and knowledge. You want to have a successful business? Then you learn from someone who has done it! (Multiple times)

I also find it very funny that the ones complaining joined 8 hrs ago, 1 day ago, and another one that never contributes to the forum anyways!


Gee, I wonder what Cult, oops, I mean organization they’re from??

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I try to drive some important points home in a way that causes the reader to think about it.


Specifically he is referring to the newsletter. This is also my first trip to the forum and I am disappointed to find there is no article on a “veteran home inspector sentenced to life” but instead an advertisement for other articles.

The other articles probably are helpful, but my disappointment in the click bait will probably keep me from coming back.

Well, that certainly explains a thing or two!

Note: I don’t see these “Newsletters” as I don’t 'Subscribe to many of the Internachi SPAM mailings, or I simply DELETE the ones that slip through.
After 16+ years as a Member, it gets easy identifying this garbage as little to no use to me!

Seriously? You joined 3 hours ago, and you are going to tell Nick how to run his forum…

I don’t know Nick, that’s three brand new members that don’t like the way you do things, and have threatened to not come back… I guess you better think about what you’ve done, and don’t come back till you’re sorry!

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Ah, the eNewsletter. OK. I ordered them to not publish my posts/articles. My stuff gets shared a lot. I repost some on Twitter that gets shared.

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Also keep in mind the additional negative connotation made with just the “Headline”, that affects all inspector members everywhere. We don’t need another “Tickle Me Elmo” story being shared on Twitter, FB, anywhere. You know damned well people on social media sites tend to only read the headlines and not the actual story!!


We’re not even sure why InterNACHI’s site is so popular. There’s a sticky bump at 21 minutes. That sounds to me like people reading. And our heat maps are all over the place. I’m thrilled about it, but I don’t fully understand it. We have something like 40 million unique visitors but only 32,000 home inspectors in North America where most of the traffic comes from. That means for every home inspector that visits our site, there are 1,000 others who do as well.

My theory is that it isn’t one thing, and that one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

I’m now far into the top 1% of number of followers (more than 20,000) on LinkedIn and have no idea how I got there. I rarely even post on LinkedIn.

I’m not a new member, just a first time forum commenter, Dan.

Yes maybe three “new” people complaining about how we were mislead may seem innocuous on the surface. However, as a businessman, surely you understand the importance of feedback from customers. Especially ones who care enough to leave comments that explain their position without being derogatory or belittling.

An industry that is clearly aging and in need of new and younger members/ professionals should be welcoming to those expressing interest, “you just joined so your opinion doesn’t matter” isn’t helpful and doesn’t move a conversation forward.

Jason, I think a great deal of members have seen this hyperbole and over-reaching “National Inquirer” style posts so often, all you get is a big “yawn”, seen it before, big yip.

While the info contained within a post may in fact be helpful, driving it home with what has been called “click-bait” certainly dilutes that value in many viewers eyes.

It should mean something to you that this had 3,000 views and only 50 likes. That is neither a badge of honor nor respect for the time of people in this community. I am going to refer you to Reddit, where you can make like-minded friends anonymously that won’t affect your professional relationship. Respectfully, I get the impression that you are a man-child, living off the largesse and the labor of your brother, but now it’s time to put aside childish ways and live up to your potential.

Respectfully, if you had been around for more than a year, you may find that they opposite may be more true.


I’m sorry, I don’t know what you are saying, regardless of how long I have been here and, more importantly, how far back I can see trolling posts that are largely irrelevant to the industry that this group purports to enrich (beyond some specious argument that success is related to the political world). When you say “the opposite may be more true,” are you saying that Nick is a “child-man” and that he is the hard worker and his brother is sponging off him? Are you saying that he needs to be MORE childish or that this IS his full potential? Please clarify, because I am nothing if not open to the possibility that I could wrong.

No reason to be sorry. Hang around longer and read more that you write…you’ll figure it out.


Yet you’ve given me nothing to chew on. Please explain from your previous post. And I can see where there is a certain type of person that would confuse the phrase, “I’m sorry, but…” as an apology if they decided not to read further. I shall endeavor to refrain from this courtesy in our future interactions.

Everyone has their opinions. Hence, I cannot choose your food for you.

Like I Said:


I think it is great that these new guys take time out of their busy days to explain to Nick all the things He is doing wrong …I just don’t know what we ever did wihout them…


Aww Jesus, I just got it! You’re THAT guy! Have a blessed day, brother!