I am involved in a class for first time home buyers through the VHDA. In the section of the book regarding home inspections and how to choose one, mention is made of ASHI and NAHI. I don’t know if you can get InterNachi listed in there, but would be a great idea. During the class I will add it in. Would be great to have InterNachi listes as well.

I include interanachi to the list when I present at several local VDHA classes.
I let them know it is a good resource for finding qualified inspectors.

Thanks for the heads-up, guys – we’re sending the VHDA a letter today.

I know of a wise man who said something like “Ask and you shall receive!” Congrats. I think they’ll recognize it’s a good thing to affiliate themselves with you. :slight_smile:

Nachi is a huge contributor to the home inspection industry because of the value offered so I’m optimistic you’ll remain an authority and keep building for many years to come. Ashi and nahi are going to have to get grinding to keep up!

Those two were options on Angie’s list too. InterNACHI was not an association option…yet :slight_smile:

Excellent! Hopefully it can get added to the next printing