vibrant northern lights display this weekend.

Northern lightsforecast across Canada this weekend .

The northernlights fill the sky in this image taken near Dafoe, Sask., in May.
There’s agood chance Canada will be treated to a vibrant northern lights display thisweekend. (Notanee Bourassa)

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Look up at the night sky thisweekend for a chance to see the northern lights.
A massive sunspot has appearedrecently, several times larger than the Earth, which is likely togenerate a display of the aurora borealis.
The sunspot has released a streamof particles through a coronal mass ejection. Those particles will travelalong a fast solar wind in the direction of Earth.
If those particles arrive andinteract with the magnetic field around the Earth and its atmosphere, it willproduce an array of colours — possibly green, red and purple — in the northernskies across Canada.