Video Ads for IM Home Inspections

In my first ad, which many of you have already seen, I focused on my qualifications and what goes into a home inspection in Los Angeles.

For my second ad, I thought there was no point in rehashing qualifications and what I did in the first ad. After talking more with my clients, I decided my second ad would instead focus on why people were hiring me, in that they want someone they can trust to help them through this portion of the home buying process.

And then I thought, ok, those ads are nice, but they are both longer than a typical commercial or movie trailer. Can I squeeze this down the ad to under a minute? I also decided the third time I would focus on key words and on just on the San Fernando Valley instead of Los Angeles as a whole.

I recently shot some great footage for a 4th ad. Stay tuned!

You’re good at this Ian.