VIDEO: Garage Inspection with Lon Henderson, CMI®

Watch this brand new video from The InterNACHI School – we followed Certified Master Inspector® Lon Henderson as he conducted an on-site inspection of the House of Horrors® garage, giving all sorts of great tips and tricks he’s learned over the years from first-hand experience.

This information is extremely valuable, and it’s all right here thanks to InterNACHI! Check it out at the link below:

Nice. Thanks!

It is not required in Florida to have an automatic door closer.

I just reviewed the video and noticed that I made two mistakes. I said that movement in the slab “rarely affects the slab” when I should have said that movement rarely affects the foundation wall when the two are poured separately. At the 6:50 mark, I called a warm air supply duct from the furnace a “flue” when I should have said “duct”.