Video of IR Cameras Falling 6.5 Feet on Concrete

Regular dish sponge, warm water and a bit of soap (apply to sponge and rinse lightly) and don’t be afraid to use the rough side of the sponge. That’s what we’ve been doing so far.

I just had to input here that I have had one of my T400s dropped on concrete once and rock once a couple of years ago and it still works perfectly. Only thing that happened was a little scratch.

Also had a former infracam SD get chucked across a concrete floor and pounded on a table to show its durability and it didn’t fly apart either. That camera is still in operation with no problems today too.
Kind of makes me wonder if after FLUKE bought the camera to take it apart & see what was inside if they didn’t get it put back together right.

Just saying…
OJ Utter

Mr Utter,

Could you please post a larger picture?

I dropped a BCAM down an attic stair (when the stair system broke).

Camera is Still going…

Oh yea, the battery did pop out like in this video!
Maybe I should advise Flir to work on the latch a bit more.

Some cameras don’t even have battery replacement…
Guess that makes them tougher.

My truck is the most valuable tool or asset I have which without it I’d be dead in the water. If I were to drop it 6 feet on its nose, tail, roof, or side, it would likley be disabled for a period of time with an expensive bill. To prevent this atrocity I obey some simple rules, one of which is NOT turning it over to Fluke for testing :wink: