Video Recording of Recent Live Class for Home Inspectors

The video recording of the live class is available at…8e0pbi6b8mqr9s


I’m watching right now. Pennsyl- Rain-ia, that’s pretty funny Ben.

Great idea using the Extendable Handle 3-Tine Hoe. I’m going to make me 1, similar to the 1 that you used.

Ben Gromicko 3 Tine Hoe.JPG

What software are you using Ben?

Spoiler alert. I haven’t gotten to the hoe yet.

Very good video Ben.

Not trying to spoil it for you Frank, I just really enjoyed viewing. I even laughed a couple of times, like when Ben was shuffling his feet back and forth, talking about sidewalks. I roll up my sleeves, like Ben. A lot of similarities.

The shuffle was funny. A regular Michael Jackson.

I wasn’t listening to Thriller, but I even shuffled my feet a couple of minutes ago. Don’t you just love being a member of InterNACHI?